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Kiwi Curved Skinner 6 polypropylene



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Sheath3mm triple layer PVC with brass rivets and sharpener holder


Luke koch 04/14/2015

Kiwi Skinner

Bigger than it looks, but fits my big hands wonderfully. I like the prominent guard and pommel. The plastic material is surprisingly comfortable. The curved blade is ideal for skinning and any chore that needs an efficient slicer. I like that the blade crams in all that curvature while still comng to a useful point. Arrived razor sharp. The finish is abit rough, but I know that keeps the cost down, so no complaints here. Might even enjoy Adding the finishing touches myself. I am looking forward to seeing how well the steel lives up to its great reputation.

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joe sferlazza 11/15/2014

kiwi skinner

Great blade shape, and sharpness. It cuts like a dream, and it has an orange handle that is easy to spot if dropped. The handle shape gives the user total control durring cutting chores. I have only used it around the kitchen so far, but it is so good I purched the outdoorsman for a hiking knife.

    Stephan Nery 11/08/2014

    A superb tool

    . Perfect thin sharp blade with a long curved edge that is easier to sharpen than a straight blade.
    . Strong orange polyprep handle easy to hold, to clean and to retrieve in the bush, the snow or water.
    . Robust thick leather belt sheath; but I would prefer a real belt loop and a sharpener holder made of leather instead of PVC.
    Thank you for this good knife Mr. Baker.

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      Kiwi Curved Skinner 6 polypropylene

      Kiwi Curved Skinner 6 polypropylene

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